The 4 letter C represent the keystones of our eco-sustainable philosophy, of our way of taking care of the land, vineyards, environment and places where we live and work every day.The Wine Cellar, rebuilt in 1995, is surrounded by vineyards and it is perfectly integrated into countryside. Inside the winery, the natural slope of the hill helps to find the right balance between technical and architectural solutions. The cellar’s layout then allows to shorten and follow directly every step of the winemaking process.

Our way of doing business aims to be a model of sustainability, able to influence other companies through the quality of our products and an economic productive model which respects the Environment and the local community.We are committed to realize and implement projects of conversion, management and protection of vineyards and old rural, buildings through visible and measurable actions. We aim to achieve even more complete sustainability.

Monte Zovo

We take care of the landscape and the people around us. Our winery has been designed to fully integrate with the surrounding landscape and to be a cozy and comfortable place for the people who visit and work there. The natural slope of the hill has allowed us to find intelligent energy-saving solutions, exploiting the force of gravity. In its construction only local and natural materials were used, some of them recovered from the foundation excavations of the cellar itself.

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