In 1905 in Castello D’Annone, a small town in the Province of Asti, Giuseppe Perlino had the intuition to embark on a path to sell the finest wines of Asti creating a simple yet modern company, whose true assets were the hard work and spirit of sacrifice of his family and collaborators.After a few years, Perlino emerged as one of the leading companies in the industry; this enabled it to transfer to new premises on the outskirts of Asti, a city at the heart of the territory, considerably increasing
its size.

The historic site in Asti has recently undergone a major refurbishment. Currently, the production site has 3 bottling lines: one dedicated to the production of Vermouth, and Aromatised Wines, one for the production of Sparkling Wines and one dedicated for small niche productions with an overall bottling capacity that exceeds 100,000 bottles per day. Between the sparkling wine and vermouth cellars, Perlino manages over 130,000 hl every year.

Villa Cardea

Limoncello, made with infusion of lemon peel from Southern of Italy, the character of the Grappa from Veneto, the classic flavours of Sambuca and Amaretto and complemented by the fashionable cocktail-base specialties of Aperitivo and Bitter. Traditional Italian liqueur created from a recipe that contains an infusion of lemon peel from Southern Italy.

Product in Focus


Perlino, since 1905 a passion for our territory in a selection of quality sparkling wines and vermouth.