Atlantic Grupa

Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading food companies in the region with the renowned regional brands which is, alongside the product range of external partners, supported by own distribution system in the region. Atlantic Grupa's products are highly represented in Russia, the CIS and Western European countries, and with its product range of sports food, Atlantic is the leading European player in this segment.


Soko Štark is part of Atlantic Group, a multinational company that combines the production, development, sale and distribution of consumer goods in its business, with presence in the markets of more than 30 countries around the world. This synergy within the large business system enabled the opening of new markets, stronger distribution, better positioning and placement - which is the basis for further development of Stark and the Group as a whole.


It may not be the only one, but it surely is the only real one – the way you remember it from childhood. The specificity of Bananica remained a little secret which is unmistakably recognizable in the vast sea of similar desserts on the market. It is produced of high-quality, natural ingredients, covered with chocolate coating with a cocoa content of 56%, with the addition of agar- agar.