Jaffa Crvenka

Jaffa biscuit factory from Crvenka was established in 1975, upon the initiative of several entrepreneurs from this area. The production of Jaffa cakes biscuits started in 1976, which is one of the most favorite brands of sweets. Several years later, in 1981, Munchmallow was introduced into the product assortment, and because of its uniqueness it quickly became one of the favorite sweets in the entire region, along with Jaffa cakes.

In order to ensure continuous top-notch quality of its two leading brands, Jaffa Crvenka rounded up its production cycle by introducing the equipment and technology for its own production of sugar coating, fruit jelly and chocolate coating, which are significant components of the end product and greatly improved and maintained the high quality of product.


Munchmallow is unique, light, sweet - the perfect balance of rich foam filling, cocoa topping and characteristic taste of biscuit in its basis. In addition, it is also distinguished by aluminum foil in which the products are packed. Each step is a unique experience, excitement when opening. It allows us to be childish, increase our entertainment and good mood.