Ilirija Since 1908

The company, today known as Ilirija d. o. o., started in 1908, when the company's founder, Franc Golob, together with 6 of his associates started a company
called Golob & Ko.

They started manufacturing shoe and leather cleaning products for which Ilirija brand name was used for the first time. After some time, the factory was renamed to Ilirija. Ilirija’s has grown on sound business decisions and it has developed into a successful company with a long tradition.

Green Line

Green line Perfect Glow is a new energizing facial care range, which renews the epidermis and energises the skin for a fresh and glowing appearance. Perfect Glow is an excellent product especially if your skin currently looks tired and dull, and lacks a healthy glow, which is the result of an inhibited process of skin renewal, particularly the epidermis. The Perfect Glow facial care range is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B complex and provitamin A, which stimulate skin cell renewal, regulate the secretion of sebum and slow down skin ageing.

This improves skin elasticity and invigorates the complexion. The effect of the vitamin cocktail is enhanced with a carefully selected combination of active ingredients, especially mango butter, which provide rich nourishment and prevent dry skin.

A combination of moisturising components keeps the skin well-hydrated. Using the Perfect Glow day and night care, your skin will be more elastic, developing a healthy, glowing appearance.