Buçaj Corporation is the leading Kosovar company in distribution through innovation, passion and integrity.


Our vision is to become the first choice distribution provider of world known brands that ensures everyone gets a chance to enjoy high quality products.

Buçaj started operating in 1994 as a small private shop with two employees. Aiming for continued growth and observing market demand for international brands in Kosovo were the first steps toward our vision.


Building market leading brands through commitment of professional team members.

Exceeding customer satisfaction through fast, efficient, reliable and eco-friendly services
with innovative solutions.

Striving for excellence in all occasions and mutual growth with our partners.


They are the guiding principles that support the vision of our company and a reflection of our identity.

They are an integral part of our everyday business that help us strive to become better contributors to our society, both professionally and individually.

  • Company History

    Distribution agreement with Intersnack

    Distribution agreement with Reckitt Benckiser

    Distribution agreement with Droga

    Distribution agreement with Rio Mare

    Distribution agreement with Bolton Group

    Distribution agreement with Tobacco Company Philip Morris

    Distribution agreement with Chipita

    Distribution agreement with Ilirija Group

    Distribution agreement with Beohemija

    Entering new modern facilities with 10,800 m² capacity

    Start of collaboration with Atlantic Grupa after their acquisition of Droga Kolinska

    Distribution agreement with Jaffa

    Development of Pharmacy division

    Distribution agreement with Reckitt Benckiser (Nurofen, Strepsils)

    Distribution agreement with Abbott

    Distribution agreement with Proton Systems

    Distribution agreement with Eli Lilly

    Development of Beverages division

    Entering new modern/high-tech facilities with 19.000 m² capacity

    Distribution agreement with Toshiba

    Distribution agreement with Fidifarm (Dietpharm)

    Distribution agreement with Dita

    Distribution agreement with Perlino

  • Company Overview
    GPS Distribution System

    Corporation has installed the system, which reports every 3-5 seconds on the position of each distribution vehicle. In this way is done the supervision whether the distribution is going based on the route previously defined by the sales team, led by the brands manager and top management of the corporation.

    This enables the corporation to monitor at any time, accuracy and efficiency of distribution and to evaluate correctly the network. Also, in case of requests for products, Buçaj can react quickly and meet customer demands.

    Buçaj is the first Kosovar Corporation that has installed this system and has reduced the costs in favour of improving efficiency

    Ordering system through pocket computers

    This integrated system has enabled the company to check stock and orders, having the information instantly. Through this system, each seller in the field marks the sale, issues the invoice and makes the order for the next day.

    All this information is immediately transmitted through mobile technology to the corporate database. This information is used to notify the producer about sales and orders, and to manage the stock. Once the seller makes the order, the warehouse staff prepares the goods, and brand manager plans the next order.

    Buçaj enables producers to have sales reports, even on a daily basis. This system provides producer clients market data in real time, as well as comparison of sales in different years for the same period.

    Digital Merchandizing System

    Buçaj Corporation is the first distribution company in Kosovo to implement a Digital Merchandising System, an easily-accessible and centralized database of daily merchandising reports. Through continuous observation of market needs, digital merchandising not only gives our team a competitive edge but also ensures more reliable and efficient methods of merchandising.

    The system assures daily reports in real time of merchandising within stores across all of Kosovo, thus also providing reports on current or upcoming activities to be implemented. Furthermore, the system allows for better stock control, timely resupply of missing stocks and better overall merchandizing efficiency.

  • Company social responsibility

    Buçaj is a responsible legal entity, and it starts this from the workplace. The Corporation is committed to respect its workers and to create for them good working conditions, in order for them to be creative and provide a good and safe life for their families. Buçaj ensures that each employee

    of the corporation is treated ethically, is notified on the way of achieving success and has health insurance. Beyond the highest ethical values in business, Buçaj is committed to help the buyers of their products on holidays. At each celebration of Bayram, the company Buçaj, in cooperation

    with humanitarian organizations, distributes food and sanitary materials for the poorest. In this way, the company has touched the lives of more than 1000 families. In line with corporate values, assistance is offered in an organized manner having as target the poor, not the demands which would come to the company.