Atlantic Grupa

Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading food companies in the region with the renowned regional brands which is, alongside the product range of external partners, supported by own distribution system in the region. Atlantic Grupa's products are highly represented in Russia, the CIS and Western European countries. Atlantic is the leading European player in this segment.

As the leading European player in this segment. Atlantic Grupa employs approximately 5300 people in total. The Company headquarters are in Zagreb, production plants are situated in Croatia, Slovenia, B&H, Serbia and Macedonia, while companies and representative offices are located in 12 countries.


The first instant vitamin drink (Orange flavored Cedevita) was created in 1969, but production did not start until 1970. In 1985, the company launched lemon flavour, and in 1990, grapefruit. Other flavors include tropical and mandarin. There is also a sugar free version, started in 1985.

Product in Focus


Daily dose of vitamins
Cedevita is a perfect supplement or even a main source of a daily dose of 9 vitamins, essential for the balanced function of the human body.