Buçaj Corporation is the leading Kosovar company in distribution through innovation, passion
and integrity.

Buçaj Corporation is a leader in the sales and distribution of food, sanitary, drinks and tobacco products in Kosovo. Pursuing proper organizational structures and continuous commitment for effectiveness at work, advanced technology, sincere approach toward clients, and in consideration of the contribution of 294 qualified employees within the corporation, consistent and superior achievements have been reached.

As a leader in the field of distribution, Buçaj Corporation directly cooperates with 3562 clients in offering more than 1000 distinct products. Buçaj applies managerial policies certified by ISO standard and supported by modern technology under the management of staff that is continuously being trained. Thus, the principle for business management is team integrity, quality, and effectiveness
in provision of best services
to our clients.

For two consecutive years, in 2009 and 2010, Buçaj Corporation ranked the highest taxpayer of the year and the best corporation in goods trading. In support of sales and accurate data procession, Buçaj Corporation has installed the ERP Navison system, a Microsoft product, which enables automatic various reports on daily
basis for the corporation as
well as manufactures.


Product in Focus


Did you know that Argeta is now officially Number 1 meat & fish pate in Europe?* And this recognition came right at our 20th anniversary of the slogan The good side of Bread.


Barcaffe Expresso

Behind every perfect espresso
stands a Barcaffè barista!

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