Kolid is one of the largest companies in the Republic of Macedonia for distribution of products for wide consumption. It has been built and is still getting developed mainly on four main pillars that are responsible for its greatness: experienced and professional team, consistent investments in its key resources, strong vision and, most of all, its strategic orientation towards satisfying the needs and desires of the end consumers.

Kolid has been established in 1994. Its beginnings have been modest with the distribution of local brands, so that today the company to become a general representative and distributor for regional leaders. Following the world trends for targeted market approach and concentration on particular aimed programs, in 2012, two independent distributive companies have emerged. Kolid S Team was one of them.


You want to have a day full of surprises, smiles and sweet joy? So do we! That’s why Sunday sweets are here, and this is what it takes: we first observe your desires then think how to make you smile; hence we savor plenty of tastes. We wisely pick then creatively mix: vanilla cream and chocolate, cherry, almond, coconut. We may also add some cinnamon, honey, nuts and strawberries. https://www.facebook.com/EmbelsiratSunday/

Product in Focus


We bring high quality homemade sweets to your home and enrich your best moments. Because life is sweeter with Sunday.