Ilirija Since 1908

The company, today known as Ilirija d. o. o., started in 1908, when the company's founder, Franc Golob, together with 6 of his associates started a company called Golob & Ko. They started manufacturing shoe and leather cleaning products for which Ilirija brand name was used for the first time.

After some time, the factory was renamed to Ilirija. Ilirija’s has grown on sound business decisions and it has developed into a successful company with a long tradition.


The legendary protective cream, a prophylactic product for protecting the ehands while working in industry, health care or houshould, is a pioneer of the brand 48 that provides protection in several ways. The protective hand soap prevents dry skin even at frequent washing, the antibacterial hand gels are effective prophylaxis against bacterial illnesses and efficiently nourishes them after washing. It is indispensable at home, while working and whenever your hands are exposed to unwanted influences from the environment. The cream forms a thin invisible layer, which protects the skin from damaging substances and dirt.

48 Products

The 48 anti-bacterial gel is an effective prophylaxis against bacterial diseases. It is available in a larger packaging with a practical pump for home or office use (500 ml). The gel absorbs quickly and leaves the skin dry. It has a nice menthol scent. The hand-sanitizer is appropriate for use at all ages.