Ilirija Since 1908

The company, today known as Ilirija d. o. o., started in 1908, when the company's founder, Franc Golob, together with 6 of his associates started a company
called Golob & Ko.

They started manufacturing shoe and leather cleaning products for which Ilirija brand name was used for the first time.

After some time, the factory was renamed to Ilirija. Ilirija’s has grown on sound business decisions and it has developed into a successful company with a long tradition

Precious Argan

The Precious Argan line is enriched with Argan oil, which has always been considered a golden elixir of beauty, youth, and brilliance. Precious Argan Oil Elixir comes in a plastic bottle with a dispenser for easy application and the smell … ah, this pleasant sweet oriental warmth, which always tempts me before I can even rationally think about the necessity of the product on my shelf. In general, almost all silicone-based hair oils on the market are similar – with differences in the choice of added natural oils, fragrance and also colorants.

In addition to the silicone oil base, Oil Elixir Repair contains, of course, Argan oil and a natural yellow colorant beta-carotene, which I have noticed so far in only two formulations on the market. All others are either without colorants and are colorless or they contain artificial colorants. The consistency of the product is sufficiently dense to spread nicely on the hair and it absorbs rapidly after application. It can be used on wet or dry hair. It protects the tips of the hair from aggressive environmental factors, adds softness and shine.