26. June 1977. TEST
BORN ON A SOIL MADE FROM OUR INGREDIENTS (NaCl, soda, quartz sand, bauxite)
Common investment of two giants: SODASO i Mira Lanza (Genoa, Italy).
AVA, KOP, LIP: brands produced with Italian license until 1992.
The only detergent company in Bosnia and Herzegovina with forty years of experience – uninterrupted even during the war.
Now a part of BINGO family – the biggest retail chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Washing boosters remove large number of stains of organic and inorganic origin.

Baking soda effect regulates acidity – which protects fiber quality and colors Laundry washed with Deon is softer, hence more comfortable for wearing, easier to iron, less wrinkled.

Anti calc effect: protects laundry machine from lime scale buildup.
Unforgetable, intensive fresh scents: from world’s leading perfume producers – selected by local perfume producers.

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